"Celebrating music as rich and diverse as the community we live in"

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Season

2022 MLK Celebration – Cancelled

A message from Dave Tiller, President of the Reston Community Orchestra:

“Regrettably, our concert scheduled for January 15th, 2022 as a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. must be cancelled. The Reston Community Center, which operates under the umbrella of the Fairfax County government, strongly influenced this decision because of COVID-related Omicron spikes in the area. Additional health concerns, including the steady withdrawal of COVID-exposed and -concerned players, the prediction of little-to-no audience, and loss of rehearsal time were driving factors.

“Needless to say, this cancellation is a huge disappointment to Maestro Fleary and all of us as we have been looking forward to premiering March of Freedom, as well as playing some of our traditional favorites. We are making plans to perform with Dr. Gilbert Pryor and his group, NWO, at a future concert, as this work can fit in multiple future programs.”

We look forward to seeing everyone at our March 13th concert – Wait! Don’t Tell Me!

2021-2022 Season

Concert Schedule and themes for the Reston Community Orchestra

Saturday, October 16
Unbridled Passion

Saturday, December 11
Holiday Fun
The Joy of Hearing & Playing Season Favorites Together!

Saturday, January 15 Cancelled
Annual Musical Salute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Words and Music as Diverse as the World of Which He Dreamed

Sunday, March 13
Wait! Don’t Tell Me!
A program designed to Showcase Talented Youth & Test Your Musical Knowledge

Sunday, May 15
Pride of the Nation
Symphonic Celebration of America’s Great Musical Heritage

RCO Supporters


Concert Underwriter

Ed and Lisa Barker

Conductor’s Circle

Michael and Betty Brody
Ann Mandelbaum
Liesl and Jason Hill


Berton and Linda Braley
Patti and Robert Reid
Beverly Cosham 
Edward Robichaud
John and Jeannine Everett
Ann Summerson
Lillian and Garnett Heizer
David and Jann Tiller
Wayne and Bonnie Hudson
Patricia and Kurt Usowski
Lloyd and Joellyn Kinzer
Mike Williams and Misti Mulcherjee
Ning Ning and John Mahlmann
Glenn and Kathryn Zora
Eugene and Ruth Overton


Allyson Cox
Lauren Malik
Jennifer Edwards
Jillian Matundan
Ron and Stephanie Fouse
Gary and Paula Mosteller
Carol Giles 
Frederick Rupert
Wolfgang and Debra Gruen
Carol Sheppard
Michael Heald
Mitch and Vickie Shue
Keith and Rachel London
Charlotte and Charles Skillern


Stephanie and Edward Abbott
Lou Ann and Denny Hylton
Henry Amahian
Robert Johnson
Susan Johnson
Jean and Arthur Banks
Taylor King
Mark Bowman
Karsten Kinzer
Andy Bursten
Kyle Kinzer
Pilar Meneses and Sebastian Coe
Sang Go and Yoo-Jung Kong
Glen and Mary Downing
Mort and Betty Marshall
Natalie Fike
Patricia Monahan
Michael Foster
Julie Nash
Katharine Gamble
Judith and William Noren
Steven Gerber
Wayne and Bonnie Olson
Nathan Giguere
Michael and Lois Olson
Barbara Gist
Suzanne and Maurice Rudiselle
Leila Gordon
Barbara Schell
Ellen Graves
Linda Singer
Nora Hamerman
Noel Whittaker
Jane Heo
Morgan and Anna Williams
Catherine Hudgins


Daniel Bitman
Jenny Martin
Carol Ann Bradley
Bill Miller
Ray and Judy Caddell
Jasmine Moghissi
Dianne Casey
Holly Noonan
Nancy Colfax
Patricia O’Keeffe
Sarah Connelly
Cynthia Peddar
Matthew Dudzinski
Ron Plichta
Charles Gambrill
Jane and Kenneth Plum
Janet Griffith
Suna Sekhavat
Kenton Hambrick
Ken Shaw
Vicki Hayes
Katherine Shelor
Barbara Inge
Patrick Sullivan
Justin Kamiyama
Christine and Donald Sylvester
Jack Kinkaid
Amadea Tette
Rebecca Kite
Katrien van Dijk
Allan Kolker
James Vollmer
Cecelia and Douglas Kramer
Steven Webb
Joseph Lamantia
Mary and William Weinhold
Judith and Richard Livingston
Bill and Sarah Woessner
Seth and Vivian Lovern
Nicole Yedlinsky
Scott Luxenberg
Barbara Yuen

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